A True Story of Art, Angels and Miracles

When Reverends Keith and his wife Francesca Richardson opened their angel themed gift store,Things From Heaven, in 1995 they had only $5,000 in working capital; everyone thought they would fail. Against all odds their store flourished and became the world's most important art gallery for internationally famous angel artist Andy Lakey. Keith and Francesca were even more surprised when they found that Lakey's art opened their customers spiritually and allowed them to receive miraculous healings and messages from deceased loved ones on the other side. 

Doorways to Heaven recounts the Richardson's amazing journey of opening their improbable angel themed gift store (which has now been in business for over fifteen years). It also describes the medical miracles and spiritual communications they and others have experienced when they touch and pray with Andy Lakey's art.

Andy Lakey is the world's most famous angel artist. His art is in the Vatican as well as collections of movie stars, political leaders and European royalty. What makes Lakey's art unique is that its paint is raised so the blind can appreciate it. Lakey donates many of his artworks to organizations for the blind throughout the world. His favorite charity is The Blind Children's Center in Los Angeles, California.

In 1990, Andy Lakey received a formal request for a painting from then Pope John Paul II. The Pope wanted a piece of art at the Vatican that blind people could appreciate. The painting Lakey donated is now visited and described during many tours of the Vatican. 

Andy Lakey's art continues to be popular with art collectors throughout the world. It has been featured on numerous television programs including ABC's Good Morning America , Fox Television's Miracles in the Making , NBC'sAngels the Mysterious Messengers, TNN's The Life and Times of Angel Encounters and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Some of Andy Lakey's most famous collectors include: Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, Prince Albert of Monaco, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Princess Margaret of Great Britain, King Hussein of Jordan, Kelsey Grammar, Patty Duke, Naomi Judd, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Micky Mantel, Arnold Palmer and General Chuck Yeager.

Along with being internationally famous, Lakey's art is also considered to be quite spiritual. Many people who come in contact with this art initially feel a heat or tingling sensation. When actress/singer Shari Belafonte touched one of Andy Lakey's paintings on the television program Life Styles , she claimed she had felt a sensation go up her arm which felt like a burst of energy; she said she then knew there was something special about Lakey and his art. Shari went on to say that it was enduring and enlightening to see that one of the stories portrayed on TV was real.

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Doorways to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey Guided by Angels, Miracles and the Art of Andy Lakey

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