In July of 1995 my administrative assistant gave me a cryptic note from Keith Richardson A person I had never heard of. Keith owned an obscure Angel store in Ventura, California, a city I had never visited. He told my assistant he wanted to sell my art.... Within days of getting three small paintings in his store, Keith and his wife Francesca began noticing and documenting strange occurrences relating to my art. I had been told of such events in the past, but never had they happened with such regularity, nor were they documented so thoroughly. I am neither a psychic nor a prophet and I didn't know what the messages emanating from my art mean. I am just as surprised as anyone else when I get the reports of the angel paintings' messages. My personal belief is that I came back from a near death experience in 1986 with the ability to channel God's love through my art.
= Andy Lakey

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Andy Lakey's Psychomanteum: Spiritual Journeys Guided by Art, Angels and Miracles

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