About Us

Heaven's Gallery is the world's largest store and gallery featuring art and fine gifts of angels.

Owned and operated by Keith and Francesca Richardson, the store first opened its doors on April 1st 1995 as Things From Heaven - Food & Gifts. After a few months it became clear that visitors to the store were interested in angels, and not food, so the name of the store was changed to Things From Heaven - An Angel Store.

Over the years, the store and its artists have been featured on TV shows, print media, and store co-owner Keith Richardson has written books about the store and the art you can find there.

In 2013, Things From Heaven went through some financial complications, which resulted in the closing of Things From Heaven, the details of which were featured in a cover story in the Ventura County Reporter. A few months later, the store reopened with a new name: Heaven's Gallery.